Dear Mr. Lampert, I have been trying to get in contact with someone at my – Edward Lampert email address

Angelita sent a message to Edward Lampert – Chairman and CEO of Sears Holdings – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Lampert,

I have been trying to get in contact with someone at my local Sears carpet cleaning service area regarding a bad cleaning job that was done at my home on September 23, 2016. I have called numerous times starting on September 26, 2016 and each time I am informed that quality assurance will contact me back, which has not happen. The local customer service indicates in their notes indicate that the quality assurance folks have reached out to me two time and left messages once on 10/14 and another time on 10/26 which has never happened. My carpet actually looks worse since Sears cleaning service came out to clean my carpet, which I believe may be due to the cleaning solution used, which appears to be attracting dirt and maybe the cleaning solution was not removed properly or the wrong solution.
I would like to receive a full refund as I am very tired of the run around and bad customer service that I am experiencing. I have called several times a week for the last month, which is crazy regarding my dissatisfaction with my carpet cleaning provided by Sears. I was informed yesterday after calling yet again, that my warranty has run out and that there is nothing that they can do, which I informed them is ridiculous considering I have been calling since September 26th and havent received a follow-up call from quality assurance. I believe even if you called today on my behalf, there would be no resolution regarding this issue from the local service provider. I am truly feed up with the entire process and would like to receive a full refund, so that I may go to Stanley Cleaners who normally cleans my carpet to clean it.
I look forward to hearing from someone soon to help to resolve my concern.


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