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Dear Mr Larson Good afternoon. I would like to inform you of an unfortunate situation that – Stefan Larsson email address

Soultana sent a message to Stefan Larsson – Chief Executive Officer of Ralph Lauren Corporation – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr Larson
Good afternoon.
I would like to inform you of an unfortunate situation that has taken place considering one of your products. On November 10 I purchased a sweat jacket for my husband for €111,20 reduced from the original price of €139,00 from one of your corners situated in Attica Stores located in the Cosmos Shopping Mall in Thessaloniki Greece.
Immediately after the purchase I left the item aside exactly as was bought as I was brought to Canada for business for about 3 weeks. Upon my return I then proceeded to wash the item exactly as instructed on the label ,something I always do before wearing a new item for the first time.
To my surprise the jacket lengthened all around at least one size, unabling my husband to wear it at all!!
Considering this to be faulty object and unworthy of Lauren's products ,I decided today to return the item in order to get a refund.
After explaining everything over and over to the employees I was then told that the manager of the Lauren corner would have to decide what could be done. She was then called upon to come and take care of the situation but instead of showing up herself she decided to order her employee to take a picture if the jacket and the receipt and I was informed by the employee,not the manager, that they would send the picture of the jacket somewhere and that someone would decide what was to be done!!!!!
I kindly requested to be given an email so that I can contact someone myself only to be told that they were not aware of any!
I am now asking you is this worthy of a company of your status ? I consider this to be at least an inappropriate manner.
Both myself and my family here in Europe and in Canada have been fond buyers of Lauren's products for the past 30 years and until today have been very satisfied
Considering the serious nature of your company I am hoping and expecting a quick solution and at least a full refund of the amount paid.
I would herby like to thank you in advance and I hope that I will be hearing from you soon.

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