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Dear Mr Lee, Firstly, I would like to state that my device was repaired due – Lee KunHee email address

Helen sent a message to Lee Kun-Hee Chairman, Samsung – email address that said:

Dear Mr Lee,

Firstly, I would like to state that my device was repaired due to non-communication between one of your staff members Mr Tan of Samsung customer care line and Mr Tommy of Low Yat Service Centre.

On 27 Oct 2016, at the time of handing over my defective device to the service centre, I had informed Mr Tommy that I want a refund for this defective device which I had used for only 2 weeks and experienced the following problems with the device ;-

1. Overheating while charging and this subsequently lead to a slight crack on the LCD glass edge.
2. Camera blur and out of focus
3. Device hangs randomly
4. Device restarts randomly.

After informing me of the charges for replacing the LCD as according to Mr Tommy it was not covered, he then promised to call me the same day that I handed him my device after a diagnostic test was done because I had asked for a refund since it was a defective device that I had purchased. He did not call me as promised. In fact he never bothered to call me at all. Even when parts of the device was changed, I was not called to obtain my consent. Is this Samsung’s procedure ?

On 28 Oct 2016, I spoke to a Mr Tan of Samsung customer . I gave him the order sheet no etc. I asked Mr Tan for a full refund as the device was defective also informed him that the device was now with Low Yat Service Centre. He promised to make a request to HQ and would get back to me by 31 Oct 2016 with a decision from HQ on the refund. He did not call me back as promised.

I later found out that he forgot to email HQ on the request and he also did not communicate with Low Yat Service Centre to inform them not to repair the device as per Samsung’s policy of refund.

There are numerous calls and web chats with your Samsung's representatives, Hairi and Jaquelyn on this. They had investigated this matter and as the device was already repaired had asked me to collect the device which was repaired (including LCD) and that I will not be required to pay a single cent for repair or for spare parts. Again I stress there are numerous calls and web chats with Hairi and Jaquelyn which are recorded and which your office can access.

I am sending you a document which provides a choronology of events which will provide more details.

My questions to you following your recent email is :-

1. Is this how customers are treated, especially those who have purchased faulty devices, are they forced to accept, the defective products including pay for the repair cost even though their device is still under warranty (I ask this because Low Yat Service centre insist that I pay before collecting the device) ?

2. I understand from my last conversation with Jacquelyn (your customer care personnel) that the service center had to change the following parts of the device:-

- The motherboard
- the camera
- the LCD screen.

Why was I not informed of this by the service centre before proceeding with the repair ?

3. Samsung representatives (Jaquelyn and Hairi) had made promises to me that I was to collect the defective unit that was fully repaired including the LCD (cost of repair and parts to be borne by Samsung). Should there be a problem in future then arrangements will be made to collect back the unit and a refund be given. What happens to this promises ? Were they empty promises made by Samsung representatives ?

4. Was the decision in your recent email made after studying this case thoroughly or is this another one of your standard replies ?
I have also send you a note which list out the chronology of events along with a copy of my bill of purchase.

I look forward to receiving a solution to my predicament with a refund

I sincerely hope that you will be kind enough to look into this matter and help me get my refund.



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