Dear Mr. Lee, In summary: 2 Covers purchased for our 2 S7 Edge, failed on 1st – Lee KunHee email address

Benedict sent a message to Lee Kun-Hee Chairman, Samsung – email address that said:

Dear Mr. Lee,

In summary:
2 Covers purchased for our 2 S7 Edge, failed on ;

1st Time
1st week or 2nd week. Waited 3 weeks for a replacement.

2nd Time
3rd week Failed again, waited again for more than 3 weeks.

3rd Time, before the 2nd one can come back, the 2nd cover failed. Waited more than 3 weeks again.

Wrote to let them know of a possible product design fault. Got a reply that I can collect BOTH covers when they do have the stock.

Miraculously, within a few days, Samsung called to say both can be collected.

So please tell me, don't you think it makes sense to show that you believe in your product and care enough for loyal customers to extend the warranty period to ensure that such unpleasant experience is displayed again?
Dear Mr. Shin,
it is with great honor to write to you. I have been a loyal Samsung customer, and have personally converted my whole family and my friends to use Samsung Since my S3 days till today. I have always been amazed by the quality and perfection in Samsung products, even my SSD, my air-con, my refrigerator is Samsung brand. The experience I faced with Singapore Samsung is very sad. I believe they do not know how to run the company where it shows that they care about the customers experience, not just with the products but also the level of service and commitment from the company to be a partner with the customer to move forward together to the next lap. I hope you can help me regain my trust in Samsung Singapore that they will do something to extend my warranty for the cover. It's a small request, if they can't handle a small request, how can they even do bigger things? I hope one day to meet you, I believe perhaps, maybe I can help push the Samsung Brand further in this country.

Please help me with the small request, get the Singapore Samsung to extend the warranty. It's only fair. Until now I still do not believe its a bad product, probably Vietnam had a batch issue or something.

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