Dear Mr Lee Kun Hee, I’m writing in from Singapore with regards to the unsatisfactory – Lee KunHee email address

Zheng sent a message to Lee Kun-Hee Chairman, Samsung – email address that said:

Dear Mr Lee Kun Hee,

I'm writing in from Singapore with regards to the unsatisfactory service provided by Singapore branch from the way how they handle the faulty Note 7 exchange programme.

We consumer from the note series market segment are usually customer with loyalty unlike the s series which consumer are always a hit and run type of customer.

And based on this you could see mostly when the note series is launch you would be seeing the same faces registering for your devices.

And when we feedback to Singapore branch with regards to why Korea Is actually offering 50% for purchasing the note 8 or s8 series next year for those who are willing to stay with samsung exchanging for s7 edge during the exchange programme.
It sure should some sincerity of what it should be done afterall we did paid a premium price for note 7 despite it endanger us like all those incident which happen which I think there is no need to mention.

And what outrage we had encounter is we consumer paid the same premium price nothing less than what the Korean consumer had paid for and it seem like samsung is showing discrimination by only giving priority to consumer over at Korea.

And do not forget the singapore would be launching 26th October 2016 for the appointment scheduling programme. And Till now there arent any updates with regards to this entitlement.

Had rang up Samsung in Singapore but as you know their services sucks and are unable to provide any information and pushing the blame the Korea headquarter.

Is this how you train or hired those talents in Singapore?
I really doubt if they really care about the market share of consumer in Singapore they would had email you instead of me being a consumer emailing you.

And you could actually go to the official Facebook and see how much customer is feeling the rage and anger for Samsung not being able to fulfilled your promise we paid a premium pricing as promise for the note 7 but samsung is unable to produce the devise and causing recall hassle twice for us.
By being unable to provide us with item which we pay for is already a bleach of contract.
Let not mention about the danger this product had cause globally.

Please do something about this issue.
There shouldnt be different compensation theory for different country. No biased should be shown

Thank you for your time and consideration

Your Faithfully

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