Dear Mr. Levine, I’m writing this email to express my complete and utter dismay that – Howard R Levine email address

Virginia sent a message to Howard R. Levine – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Family Dollar – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Levine,

I'm writing this email to express my complete and utter dismay that you have elected to keep your stores open on Christmas Day. Your company is an advocate for today's struggling families and a portrayal of "family first". So imagine my disbelief when I pulled up to your Holmes, PA store last night and saw the sign in the window announcing your Christmas Day hours!

In my research, I see that you alone made well over 5 million dollars in 2009 which was comprised of a base salary, bonus and stocks. I'd bet my own yearly salary that you exceeded that last year. How much more do you need to add to your millions by keeping the stores open on a day that is so important to many of your employees?
The employees I encounter in the Holmes store are courteous, helpful and generally all around nice people. And no, I am not related to or have a personal relationship with any of them. However, it's in spite of their kindness and hard work that I felt it necessary to write you on their behalf. The money they will lose for a day's work does not compare to the joy they will experience in getting to spend time with their families on Christmas Day.
I urge you to rethink your position on this practice that corporate America has so greedily adopted - putting the bottom line ahead of the welfare of hard working people. There is nothing in your store that can't wait to be bought until the day after. If patrons are aware that you will be closed, they will make sure to get what they need ahead of time.

In closing, I again ask that you reconsider your position, as a few major chains are beginning to do. Please help set a precedent that your employees are more valuable to you than your bottom line. Without them and their loyalty, you would have nothing.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. And Happy Holidays to you.

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