Dear Mr. Lundgren, My name is Ryan and I am the owner of – Terry J Lundgren email address

RYAN sent a message to Terry J. Lundgren- Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Macy’s, Inc.- email address that said:

Dear Mr. Lundgren,
My name is Ryan  and I am the owner of The R Dolution in Austin, Tx.. My girlfriend recently purchased online, from your Macy's Staten Island N.Y. location, a very expensive diamonds, blue carbon fiber, and tungsten carbide bracelet. She requested that It be gift wrapped and a card sent with it with her personal sentiments written on it. I received the gift on the 30th of Dec. When I opened the box, the cover was off the box containing the bracelet, It wasn't gift wrapped as Instructed, and there wasn't any card Included. Upon Inspection of the bracelet, It had numerous scratches on every part of the bracelet showing that the bracelet had been previously worn for quite some time before being returned. It Is beyond me how anyone could have shipped merchandise In this condition In the first place, let alone they couldn't follow simple Instructions to gift wrap and Include a card. To send someone a used and abused piece of jewelry Is unforgiveable In my book. I'm presently considering sharing this experience with everyone on facebook and linked. The disappointment on such a special occasion was heartbreaking for my girlfriend who Is presently fuming over the matter. Being an Assistant Director of a Nationwide chain she wants to tell everyone she knows of this experience. I only hope there is a possibility you can find out who is responsible and what actions we need to take to remedy the situation. Thank-you for your time in this matter. Respectfully, Ryan

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