Dear Mr. Lundgren: this is the second time I’ve had problems with Bloomingdale’s credit department – Terry J Lundgren email address

Stefanie sent a message to Terry J. Lundgren- Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Macy’s, Inc.- email address that said:

Dear Mr. Lundgren: this is the second time I've had problems with Bloomingdale's credit department. The first time they accused me of paying less for a product than I had when I returned it. That was resolved by the last CEO. Now, this month, December 2015, they have billed me TWICE. I paid my bill in full on December 5, but now they have added a late charge and another bill. I'm paid completely. I want to turn in ,my Bloomingdale's card. This company cannot bill twice and get money the first time, ythen bill again for the same charges and add a late fee. My complete bill was paid Dec. 5. please help me

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