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Dear Mr Mansell, I have been a long time customer of Kohl’s. Last week was – Kevin Mansell email address

Amy sent a message to Kevin Mansell – Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of Kohl’s Corporation – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr Mansell,
I have been a long time customer of Kohl's. Last week was my first experience with shopping and can not be more dissatisfied! Only a portion of my order shipped, the tracking link for the other half would not work, and calling your Philippines based customer service is pointless as the individuals speak very broken English can not understand nor resolve an issue. Using the chat option you receive canned scripted answers that also don't resolve the issue. It is impossible to get in touch with anyone actually based in the US to help me resolve this issue and find out where my item is and when I can expect it. Only after speaking to no less than 4 people with no answers and being completely frustrated did I request a refund on these items so I can go into the store to purchase them. I was told I needed to wait 10 days. This is unacceptable! I am so disappointed in Kohl's and your business practices! I know I am only one person, however I will make it my mission to inform as many hard working Americans as I possible can of the way in which Kohl's handles its online business and lack of customer service and support.
Thank you,

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