Dear Mr. Mark Fields No one would ever suspect that day-to-day Kodak would fail In the – Mark Fields email address

Paulo Arnaldo sent a message to Mark Fields – President and Chief Executive Officer of Ford Motor Company email address that said:

Dear Mr. Mark Fields

No one would ever suspect that day-to-day Kodak would fail.
In the next ten years, we will have surprises like this, because many do not look at new principles but weigh linearly.
When we talk about digital transformation or innovation, we almost always think that the only way to do it is to create an unprecedented and promising product that will reign in an uncontested blue ocean that will grow from the stern to change dramatically as some products Have really been able to do in the history of innovation. But the truth is that innovation can occur even in what is already consolidated and that now works well. Sometimes it is necessary to make changes before it is too late.
As Ford is one of the four largest car manufacturers in the world, we are sending this invitation, under a presentation contract, with reservations, to the safety of both companies, if we continue the new steps on this subject.
This is an "innovative vehicle", which will meet increasingly demanding consumers, looking forward to maximum safety, simplicity in controls, low consumption and gas emissions, fast traveling with heavy traffic, low noise levels, impossibility of collision And affordable prices to the most diverse classes of purchasing power.
This "innovative vehicle", for its manufacture and transit, will generate millions of new jobs, occupying employees of high technological preparation in the most varied sciences. Still in the next century, it will continue to dominate the means of transport, because they allow for advances, hitherto unimaginable.
This invitation is reserved, only the top management of Ford Company, prohibiting any access to other people.
Our intention is for Ford to be the first Company to launch the innovative Vehicle that will awaken the market due to its versatility and future possibilities for developments.
By the present invitation, we have offered to privately offer the possibility of the Ford Motor Company, acquire the license, under royalt, to secrecy, develop and launch the innovative vehicle that will shake the soil of Planet Earth.

Paulo Arnaldo

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