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Dear Mr. Masayoshi Son, I am a Sprint Customer & have been for 3 years – Masayoshi Son email address

Unise sent a message to Masayoshi Son Founder, Chairman, and CEO, SoftBank Corp. – email address that said:

Dear Mr. Masayoshi Son, I am a Sprint Customer have been for 3 years. I have been extremely happy with my Service until recently. As i added a family member Oct.2016 i have experienced PRICE HIKES every week on my 'Family Bundle'
After contacting Sprints Executive director where a Rep named Stan credited my account, the PRICE still continues to climb! CAN YOU TELL ME WHY THIS IS. Sprint is now operating like a garage sale, where the sellar makes up the price as the day gpes on. Do your representatives know how business is suppose to work or are they intentionally trying to SABOTAGE YOUR NEW BUSINESS? My new phone system is inferior to my old system. My emails do not even sinc, nor my twitter! I encourage you to please pull up ALL my Conversations with your Representatives starting Oct 2016. There are about 25 CONVERSATIONS most at least 1 hour long! This is all the time I have wasted with NO RESULTS! YOU made a promise to TRUMP you would bring Thousands of Jobs to America! I hope this is not the kind of jobs ypu will be bringing!

Here are my phone numbers since my email does not function properly:

Thank You For Your Attention On This Matter!


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