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Dear Mr. McCann, We have ordered many items over the years both professionally and personally – James McCann email address

Maria sent a message to James McCann – CEO, 1-800-FLOWERS – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. McCann,

We have ordered many items over the years both professionally and personally and for the most part, have been satisfied with the service and product. on 12/12/16, I placed an order  of a gift to be delivered on 12/13/16 when the recipient would be home and paid the additional fee as a surprise welcome to your new home. My boss called me on 12/14/16 to say the package was not received. I called i800flowers and spoke with Beverly to find out what happened. She apologized and offered a discount and to re-send the order. I requested in addition to the discount, that I would not be charged the delivery fee again and that the gift basket be delivered on Saturday 12/17/16 when the recipient would be home again as she was traveling. Beverly said she would honor that and take care of it. I received a survey and gave Beverly a great review as she was honoring what I requested to make things right but did note until the package was delivered on 12/17/16 I would not be completely satisfied. When I was going through my emails on 12/15/16, I got a n email from 1800flowers that the package was delivered! Imagine my surprise and frustration. I called again and requested to speak with a Manager. I spoke with Mike who said the package was delivered and an "A. Medina" signed for it. I said that was impossible as she was traveling and I specifically requested the package be delivered on 12/17/16 when she would be home to receive it. He said he would one up an investigation on my behalf with FedEx and call me back. Imagine, on my behalf and when I paid for this service. Where was the customer service with 1800 flowers? Well, imagine my further frustration when Mike did not call me back or email me. I called again on 12/16/16 and after being disconnected three times , I requested to speak with Mike. They did not know who Mike was. I spoke with Ebony who was helpful though did not allow me to finish a sentence each time I spoke. First she could not guarantee the package until 12/21 then she could, etc. She gave me a new order number  and she said she would email me a confirmation which I have not received yet. I did ask her for her direct number and she said she did not have one . I asked if there was a way to identify her as Mike could not be found and she said her ID. I have no idea if this gift basket that is no longer a surprise since we had to contact the recipient to see who could have signed for her and she said no one as the rest of her family is still on the West Coast and they have not made the move to the East Coast yet, and what I will be charged and I'm worried that it won't be received and get yet another call from my boss because it was not received on 12/17/16 as I emailed her it would be because that is what Beverly reassured me of.
I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Maria

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