Dear Mr. McKay; My husband and I have been loyal clients with the Royal – Dave McKay email address

Julie  sent a message to Dave McKay – President and CEO, Royal Bank of Canada – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. McKay;
My husband and I have been loyal clients with the Royal bank for approximately forty years. We have our mortgage and have had several loans throughout the years. We renewed our mortgage Nov.2015 and during this time I discovered (as did the bank) that the line of credit we took out approximately ten years earlier was never secured. A very costly oversight, apparently for me. During this time without my knowledge my husband abused this oversight. He spent approximately $330,000. At the time this was discovered our bank manager came in and told us this was unbelievable and had to be stopped.Not only did she make us feel we are to blame, she made us sign a waiver saying we would take full responsibility, (accepting no responsibility for the banks mismanaged credit line). I have continued working but realize I cannot pay it back. I am now forced to sell my home and become almost penniless to pay off a debt that your company failed to put into place or discover for many years. I was under a lot of stress that evening when I signed that waiver. It also came to my attention my husband had taken out a credit card in my name as well. My husband as you can see is not trustworthy with money. Throughout all these years (like the bank) I did not know all that was going on. If this line of credit had been secured from the beginning I would be able to sell my house and have money to live on.
As I read over your mission statement I see your purpose is to help clients thrive? I was destroyed.
Your vision to be the most trusted failed me again. How can I trust a corporation that failed to secure a line of credit that put me into ruins?
Client First: We will always earn the right to be our clients’ first choice I was with you for forty years because of your value. I trusted you.
Accountability: We take ownership for personal and collective high performance. No ownership was taken here. It was thrown all on me with a waiver for me to correct and no responsibility on your part.
Integrity: We hold ourselves to the highest standards to build trust. Someone dropped the ball here.
To be a leading financial services partner valued for our expertise What happened to me shows lack of expertise.
Please live up to your mission statement and take responsibility for your wrong doings instead of putting them on me.

I hope to hear from you soon with a solution to our problem.

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