Dear Mr Michael O\'Leary, My name is Yoel Yatskan , and I\'m the CEO at Ormita – Michael OLeary email address

Yoel Yatskan sent a message to Michael OLeary - CEO, Ryanair - Email Address that said:

Dear Mr Michael OLeary,

My name is Yoel Yatskan , and Im the CEO at Ormita Israel.

Ormita Israel is an international Barter company with customers around the world.

I would like to offer Ryanair advertising on barter in Israel ( radio, billboards , internet , magazines ,newspapers and more). The payment will be with unsold flight tickets.

We do the same with some others airlines companies.

We can also offer on barter:
• Catering
• Hotel rooms for the crew
• Airline travelers kits
• Wines, chocolates
• Toiletries and wipes
• Printings
• Duty-free items
• Office supplies
• Renting cars
• Promotional items
• And many more…

I would be happy to tell much more at a meeting with your representative.

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