Dear Mr. Miller, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Ken Henderson. My – Stuart A Miller email address

Ken Henderson sent a message to Stuart A. Miller - Chief Executive Officer of Lennar Corporation - Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Miller, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Ken Henderson. My wife Nancy and I moved into our new home on 617 Harbor Bay Drive, Brookfield Estates, Murrells Inlet S.C. September 21, 2016. We could not be happier with our new home and the service from Lennar, from start to finish !!!! I would like to bring up an issue that is a concern to all the home owners of Brookfield...... When we purchased our Lot (143) which backs up to the roadway ( Mcdowells Shortcut ) , we asked our New Home Consultant , Elizabeth Palya about the fence and landscping along the roadway ? We were informed that it was being discussed by Lennar. After we moved in , I asked Robert Condron, our Construction Manger, about this issue and was told that Lennar had no plans to complete the fence and landscaping. Please understand I have no complaints about Elizabeth and Robert. I cant say enough great things about them !!! They are an asset to Lennar and the Brookfield community !!!! When you enter Brookfield Estates , the right side has the fence and landscaping to the end of the development which makes it look completed and beautiful !!! When you look to the left, the fence and a few bushes only goes a short distance ??? This makes our development look ugly , unfinished and low class !!!! I also believe this brings down the property values of the homes in Brookfield....... All of the other communities in the area , Cypress Keys , Cypress Estates , Park West , Parmelee and Wynbrooke all have berms with landscaping. This makes those developments beautiful and private. Brookfield , Im sorry to say, is an eyesore not being completed..... I have talked to many residents about this issue. Many believed that once the homes along Mcdowells Shortcut were completed and the construction fence came down that the fence and landscaping would be completed to the end of the development as the other side..... As per Robert Condron, this is not the case !!!! I have emailed Lennar several time and never had a response back..... Recently, another home owner gave me Michael Bolten name and email. I contacted him about this issue and again was told that Lennar had no plans to complete the fence along Mcdowells Shortcut When I wrote to him , I stated that , I dont mean to be rude or disrespectful , but to say nothing is planned is just totally unacceptable !!!!! How can Lennar , a respected national builder, just ignore this eyesore when the rest of the development is absolutely beautiful ??? Also, when we specifically asked Elizabeth Palya about this issue we were told it was being discussed by Lennar..... Was this just an answer she was told to say to sell the lots or was it an outright lie ??? I certainly hope not !!!! I then stated that if he (Michael Bolten ) could not assist us in this matter, please direct us to who would be able to resolve this issue to an acceptable outcome to us and the homeowners of Brookfield Estates....... Still waiting for his response...... In closing , Im very sorry to bother you with this issue , but it has been exactly six months since we moved in and I feel like Im being ignored about this concern !!! Thank you so much for any assistance in this matter !!! Im sure a quick phone call or memo from you , to whom ever is in charge of the Brookfield construction project would resolve this issue... Ken Henderson 617 Harbor Bay Drive S.C. 29576 cell # (516) 578-8306

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