Dear Mr.Murren, I believe you and your family are enjoying your new year holiday – James J Murren email address

Yuqing  sent a message to James J. Murren  Chairman and CEO of MGM Resorts International €“ Email Address that said:

Dear Mr.Murren,

I believe you and your family are enjoying your new year holiday right now, and I apologize to bother you this time of year. But I have to complain to you about my problem:
My husband and I booked the Bellagio hotel room and Delta flight on Dec.19th 2015 through MGM resort vacation for the new year trip to Las Vagus on Dec.29th, 2015, and we received the confirmation email indicating flight # and charges, and room charges, etc, and also amount due on the same day of Dec.19, 2015. We thought we were all set for the trip and we had been excited for the trip, because we just got married and we both got new jobs and we were supposed to Las Vagus to celebrate. However, when we tried to print the flight information from Delta website in the night before the trip (Dec.28th, 2015) and we found no reservation available! Then we called Bellagio hotel, and we were told that no room was booked either! Then we called the MGM resort vacation which we made the reservation with, they told us that " you cancelled the reservation, also, we did not charge your credit card either." I don't think this is the right reason why you can fool your customers! As customers, firstly, we did not cancel the trip; secondly, we received the confirmation email from MGM resort vacation. Thirdly, we did not receive emails indicating "CANCELLATION". Now, we are trying to find somebody to be accountable for this mistake, and we have been calling different divisions including the third party Mark Travel Agency, but nobody takes the responsibility! We just need your team cooperative and help our trip for the NEW YEAR holiday. We couldn't get help and hope you would help. And also, as CEO, you should improve your business process: for example, if you cancel the reservation for customers, at least, you should send an email indicating "Cancel".

My husband and I have planned this trip for a long time. We feel frustrated right now, because the hotel rooms and air tickets are more expensive now. we believe somebody in your team should be responsible for this mistake. Your help would be highly appreciated.

Thank you


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