Dear Mr. Murren, I contacted MGM guest services on Sunday 2/19 and I have not – James J Murren email address

Anthony Coronis sent a message to James J. Murren - Chairman and CEO of MGM Resorts International - Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Murren,

I contacted MGM guest services on Sunday 2/19 and I have not heard back from them. Therefore, I have decided to email you for a response.

My name is Anthony Coronis and I stayed at your casino from 2/15 -2/19 under the Blomquist Reservation in room 25-338. On the morning of the 19th, I went to the valet service at 4:45 AM to pick up my rental car. After loading my golf clubs in the back of the minivan, I went to get my carry on suitcase (approx. 15 feet from the car) and it had been stolen. My friends who were with me were loading their clubs at the same time so no one saw who took my carry-on luggage.

I did register the lost luggage with the MGM lost and found. The lost and found receipt security gave to me has the ID number of 4825254. The carry-on suitcase was grey (Samsonite) with a Boston Red Sox identification tag.

I did inquire about looking at the footage to see who had taken my luggage, but I was told that security cannot look at videos and I would need to file a police report. Plus, I had to pay $20 to get to the airport since my friends needed to return our rental car.

I am very disappointed. I am disappointed with who took my suitcase. I am disappointed with MGM for not having security at the main entrance of the casino. I am guessing there is nothing you can do to make this situation better. I am out three pair of golf pants (two of them brand new), a new golf sweater, three new golf shirts, two new golf belts, two compression shirts, a new golf vest, a long sleeve golf polo, a zip-up golf pullover, and a new suitcase (less than two weeks old).

Most were new items were purchased for an awesome golf trip in Vegas. My estimated loss due to the theft on your property is around $600-$700 Thirteen guys stayed at the casino. We ate, drank, and gambled each day. We decided to stay at MGM this year because we wanted to stay at a classy casino. We had a great time until the unfortunate theft of my suitcase. On a weird note, my parents stayed at your old MGM casino and they were in the MGM fire in the early 80s. Both my parent and I have tarnished memories about staying at the MGM. My parents received their smoke filled suitcases from MGM about six months after the fire. I am hoping you can find my suitcase or help me find my suitcase. I am hoping you can do something to me this situation better.

Please contact me once you have read this email. It would mean a lot if you would respond back. I can be reached at 952-380-7442 or you can respond back via email at Thank you.

Anthony Coronis

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