Dear Mr. Nassetta, In the environment when you have major banks illegally opening accounts costly – Christopher J Nassetta email address

Yvonne sent a message to Christopher J. Nassetta – President and Chief Executive Officer of Hilton Worldwide – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Nassetta, In the environment when you have major banks illegally opening accounts costly customers money and credit issues, I want to bring a serious problem to your attention with Hilton Honors. I have been a loyal Hilton Honors participant for over 20 years. I own timeshare at the Hilton Grand Vacation Club - New York  since 2007. I have a Hilton Honors account associated with my timeshare  that had 438,295 points as of 10-10-2016 and separate Hilton Honors account  that had 115,930 points as 10-10-2016.  my original account over 20 years old. My new 2nd account was issued because the Hilton Timeshare property has an addition person on the Deed. I was in the process of merging the two accounts but was told to contact HHonors to make sure the name and person information was identical. The representative at the timeshare could view and confirmed my total points in both accounts prior to me contacting HHonors. Once I contacted HHonors and an update was made to my accounts. The account turned to a negative balance of -190,570 from a positive balance of 115,930. The representative brought it to my attention and committed to resolved the issue. She said it literally happen in right on her screen after the update. A report was placed on 10-10-2016. Next, the representative transferred me to another agent who placed case PAT. I made clear to both representatives that I did not want to merge my two accounts until this negative balance was resolved. They told me no problem do not fax or e-mail the authorization form until everything was resolved. Well, guess what the accounts were merged without my authorization and On 10-20-2016 I received another e-mail saying the problem was now resolved. Instead of my two accounts were merged with no authorization- I have my signed documents in my home office and my total points are now around 244,725 instead of 438,295 + 115,930 = 554,225. I have to spoken to so many Customer Service Representative that say they cannot do anything about this problem. One representative hung up on me- Jillian Bellah and refused to request her supervisor Dwane Smith to give me a callback. Finally yesterday I spoke to a very kind representative- Marie Ann who took the time to review add every transaction I made from the initial opening of the account until today and stated clearly my account has never been negative. She came up with a slightly different total of 549,343 instead of my total 554,225 for the two combined accounts. We were only 4,882 points off and she committed to make that correction, once the bigger issue was address. It took Marie Ann well over an hour plus to count every dime I spent with Hilton for my entire participation in the program, which is over 20 years and I have only used my points a total of 14 times. I have been saving my points to make two important vacation trips when I retired. I am retired and now trying to book those points and they have been stolen from me. I have less than half of the points that I am supposed to have in the joint account that you moved my two accounts into without my authorization . Ms. Marie Ann established another case # yesterday 10-20-2016 stating she counting every point I earned, purchased and converted via my Hilton Grand Vacation club and points redeemed. Ms. Marie Ann requested my points to be restored. Today, 10-21-2016 I received a Priority Letter stating: Hi Yvonne, Thank you for your message. We appreciate you taking the time to contact us. Unfortunately, I was unable to determine from your message how I may be of assistance. Please respond with further details regarding your request. As always, thanks for traveling with us and please let us know if you have any other questions. You can reach us any time at Happy travels Chester B. Corporate Guest Relations Specialist. Seriously Happy Travels and you have removed half of my hard earned points and points I paid for from the conversion of my timeshare points from my account without authorization. I am asking someone to please make me whole. I want to use my points for two stays- one in Toronto Canada and the other at the Embassy Suites in Washington D.C. I have done nothing to cause this problem, but I cannot seem to get anyone in Hilton Honors to take responsibility and fully resolve this issue. The closest I have come is with Ms. Marie Ann, but she did had not have authority to complete task. Please contact me  I am extremely upset because it seems that no one really cares that over 300,000 Hilton Honors points have been stolen from my accounts. Sincerely a very upset Customer- Yvonne

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