Dear Mr. Nelson, I would love so much for you to go undercover to your – Ronald L Nelson email address

Lorri Edwards sent a message to Ronald L. Nelson - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Avis Budget Group, Inc. - email address that said:

Dear Mr. Nelson, I would love so much for you to go undercover to your Merida, Mexico airport branch. I booked my vacation to Mexico and tried my best to learn basic phrases in Spanish. I booked my car with your company online well in advance. It stated that the smallest car (unlimited mileage) for 6 days was around $11 U.S. I found out that if I used my credit card to book it pay, I didnt need to pay for the extra insurance. My card would cover mishaps. We were just two girls alone, on vacation. Once I got to Budget, the employee told me the price was over $300. Then she told me that I HAD to buy the supplemental insurance. My friend with me sells insurance. She tried to explain to the lady that its supplemental, meaning I dont have to purchase it. She said, Fine. There is a deposit to cover the price of the whole car if you dont get the insurance . Whoa! I dont have that kind of money. I drive a used Prius. The lady employee tried to tell us that everyone pays this fee. As she picked up all of her rentals for the day. She slowly flipped through them pointed out to us, See, here is where they paid, (next one) here is where they paid (a few times) Then at about the 3rd one, she skipped it went on to the next. She would skip a few then show us a few. I genuinely feel like the people who spoke Spanish, didnt pay extra. We ended up getting a ride back to the airport where I cried wanted to go back home immediately. Our place to stay for the week was an hour away. We didnt have any cell phone service in Mexico. Only Wi-Fi. We finally found a place that took care of us we did not have to buy any extra insurance or put down any extra deposit. I know that not getting my business isnt a big deal but, if this happens very often, that adds up. I wish that you would go undercover or maybe your wife? If you do speak the language, dont let anyone know. Also, 2 months before our arrival I emailed Budget explained to them that I was going to Mexico didnt speak the language. I asked them if the would email me a copy of a rental contract in English so I would know what I would be signing in Mexico. I never ever got a reply. Thank you for your time! Sincerely, Lorri Edwards

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