Dear Mr O’Leary I am e-mailing you in my role as Secretary of the Ladies Section – Michael OLeary email address

Mary sent a message to Michael O’Leary CEO, Ryanair that said:

Dear Mr O'Leary

I am e-mailing you in my role as Secretary of the Ladies Section of Wells Golf Club in Somerset. As you may know our nearest airport is Bristol and a large number of our club members use Ryanair every year, (flying from Bristol), when large golfing groups head to Europe in search of sunshine to play in, as well as the many private golfing holidays taken abroad.

In view of the high support that we give Ryanair I wondered if you would be in a position to sanction a "Prize" Raffle Voucher for the cost of an Ryanair flight to have as our main raffle prize and enable us to to attract support for our Annual Charity Day in the summer of 2016.

Each year the whole club plays, on a specified day, to raise money for a Charity chosen by the incumbent Captains. (Ladies, Men and Seniors). Monies are also raised throughout the year by Club Members, but on Charity Day we try and attract local businesses to pay and enter teams, paying an entry fee which goes to the Charity Fund. .This year a local Charity called "Heads Up" has been chosen and they work with and provide support for individuals with mental health issues, to try and help them towards recovery and independence.( If you require any further information regarding this charity, to support this request, I would be happy to send it to you ).

I am not in the habit of sending "begging letters", but this is such a worthwhile cause I would appreciate your consideration and support.

I look forward to hearing from you soon

Yours sincerely


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