Dear Mr O’Leary I am sorry to have to contact you but felt compelled to do – Michael OLeary email address

Joanne sent a message to Michael O’Leary – CEO, Ryanair – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr O'Leary

I am sorry to have to contact you but felt compelled to do so after our flight was cancelled as we walked towards the departure gate on 17/06/2016 Bristol to Venice due to an air traffic control issue in Venice for 4 hours. Once we had retrieved our bags we tried repeatedly to contact your team to rebook from another airport if necessary either that day of the following day so that we could have our weekend away (4 persons) but the phone was repeatedly put down and cut of instead of answered. As you can imagine this added to a highly stressful situation. Ultimately we were forced to cancel our weekend away and are pursuing our hotel fees to be refunded (but I don't hold out much hope as we couldn't give them 24 hours’ notice) We note that EasyJet cancelled their flight a day earlier due to the action and if this had happened we would have been in a position to ring around from home and cancel everything / rebook instead of being stuck on mobile in the airport car park and we wouldn’t have lost our hotel fee. Whilst I realise this isn't your fault personally I do think that you could find out why the staff were cutting calls off instead of answering them. If they had answered maybe we could have still have managed our weekend away instead of having to drive despondently back to Plymouth with a bitter taste in relation to Ryanair and heavy hearts at not being able to full fill our much anticipated trip to Venice which had taken such meticulous planning due to working and family issues since we booked it on 03/04/2016.

Yours sadly and regretfully


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