Dear Mr O’leary. I am wring on behalf of many people who live in Sardinia – Michael OLeary email address

Rosalie  sent a message to Michael O’Leary – CEO, Ryanair – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr O'leary.
I am wring on behalf of many people who live in Sardinia,the local people.
I live on this island, although I come from Scotland,life hear is getting poorer by the minute,there is a population only of 1.663 million,most have left this Island to work abroad and most of the young ones,their are more Sardinians living abroad than on this island, your air company was the saving grace of this Island bring people back and forth to visit there loved ones,not to mention the tourism that they depend on,now we are really stuck without Ryanair flying to certain destinations and we are extremely worried if they stop the Alghero to London Stansted flights,your planes were full to the brim for Rome and now sadly no more,if we want to reach Rome we have to fly with Alitalia this is much more expensive,there is a woman hear who has to attend chemotherapy in Rome and is forced to go on Alitalia and she does not have the money, it is a fact that Sardinians do get a special rate but it is not a lot.I was in the process of starting a business selling cheap properties hear co /sharing properties in the regions of ten thousand and upward till seventy thousand giving the opportunity to people in the Uk with lower incomes to acquire a holiday home.My village in Sardinia has the population of around eight hundred more than half the properties are closed up and half the village is up for sale,I only paid twenty six thousand for my property which was a great investment for the future it also gave me a place to live I felt very fortunate my nice house and garden cost me the same as a new car that only devalues.
We need to help this Island and hopefully it will have a turn around.The ferry service to the mainland cost a family of five with a car five hundred and fifty euros that is without a cabin and in the month of October!your flights got people back and forth cheaply and safely.I personally have always used Ryaniar it was like a bus service for me,I paid cheap and got on with all the other stuff people might complain about,but to me it took me places on a low income ,Thanks.
Yours Sincerely Rosalie

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