Dear Mr O’Leary, I am writing to try to get a resolution to an enquiry – Michael OLeary email address

Mairi sent a message to Michael O’Leary – CEO, Ryanair – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr O’Leary

I am writing to try to get a resolution to an enquiry.

I tried to cancel hold baggage from flights from Edinburgh to Seville via Palma (WLSKFP and OTN54R) but believe this is not possible. This was originally for disabled equipment but I have since found out that this can be supplied to me at my destination.

I tried to get through to you using your “live chat” (did not work on any browser or computer I tried), use your contact form which came back with a “no reply” email with links to your website (which didn’t answer my questions) and dud web pages. It is almost impossible to be able to chat to anyone in your company.

I eventually did manage to get through to someone by phone and asked to be put through to a supervisor. I had to ask this twice and eventually managed to talk to Ami who was really less than helpful as she could or would not give me a phone number for Customer Services for general enquiries. She told me it was not possible to get a refund. I asked if it was possible under the circumstances to reduce the cost by refunding me for one of the flights as my final destination is Seville. She said no to this too. Other airlines only charge 1 fee for this and I wondered, due to this being for a disability that one of the fees could be refunded to me? It is very difficult to book online and try to ask questions about the process at the same time due to your website not working properly and being so complicated. I tried “live chat” but this did not work either.

When I look at the extra this has cost me I would have been better booking with another airline which is probably what I will do in the future. I have had problems with Ryanair before with my disability – being loaded last onto the plane and losing my booked seat!

Would you please reconsider my request for a refund for one of the journeys which would go a great way to restoring my faith in Ryanair?

Thank you


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