Dear Mr O’Leary I am writing to you because I am utterly appalled by your so – Michael OLeary email address

Rebecca sent a message to Michael O’Leary – CEO, Ryanair – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr O'Leary

I am writing to you because I am utterly appalled by your so called customer service department. I missed my flight home from Portugal with your company because I flew home early due to personal reasons. Upon returning home I contacted your customer service team to ask if it was possible to get the flight changed of which I was told I could change it up to 8 hours before my flight as it was fully flexible. Upon trying to do this your system erred and I was not able to change my flight. It was 11 at night the night before the flight and all your customer service teams were closed so there was no way to speak to someone to resolve this issue. Upon trying to speak to someone the next day I got told to upload my proof of your system error online. I did this at least twice to be told again and again to resubmit my evidence, with no reply to the actual issue. Today I called your general inquiries team to ask to speak to someone regarding my issue. Your calls advisor Florin was the most rude man I have spoken to in a long time. Upon telling him that I missed the flight due to personal reasons he continued to ask again as if to pry into my personal life, he then raised his voice at me when I said I wanted to speak to someone else who could resolve the issue. NOT GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. So I phoned back and asked to speak to a supervisor who told me he will email customer service and raise my issue and asked me AGAIN to upload my evidence giving me a link to send it in via. The link he gave me was incorrect, upon telling him this he corrected the link. I told him to wait while I uploaded the document and SURPRISE your system erred and wouldn't let me upload my document. When I raised this the supervisor whose name I did not get told me to simply upload it later because it 'should' work. Best is yet to come, when I asked him if I could make a complaint about Florine he told me he could not do this and again this would have to be done online. He then told me your customer service team cannot be reached on the phone not even by them, to me this seams strange how can you work side by side with a department but are unable to reach them on the phone. Do you not give your customer service team phones? I find the treatment and response I have had from Ryanair absolutely appalling. I would like this matter resolved ASAP as I feel your company are not wanting to take responsibility for their actions. You can be assured unless this matter is resolved I will NEVER fly with your company again. I will also be sending this email to all your departments to ensure it gets to you.
Fell free to phone meto get this matter resolved faster.


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