Dear Mr O’Leary, I have quoted below my comments on a reply from a Ryanair – Michael OLeary email address

Adrian sent a message to Michael O’Leary – CEO, Ryanair – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr O'Leary,
I have quoted below my comments on a reply from a Ryanair Customer Services representative regarding an appalling flight from Manchester to Tenerife. I should be grateful to know your reaction.
Thank you,
Adrian .
Dear Adam - or other appropriate member of the customer service team.

I am very disappointed that the response to my complaint seemed to be merely a formulaic repetition of Ryanair policy, rather than addressing the points made in my initial message.

If it is Ryanair policy to actually deal with disruptive passengers then this policy was blatantly ignored during the flight to TFS.

I agree that your cabin staff member Daniel did eventually say to passenger C that there was the possibility of police action if he did not return to his seat as requested - no mention was made to passenger C of the discomfort caused to other passengers resulting from the almost continuous torrent of foul language - and this warning was also repeated to passenger C by his friends. Passenger C's response to this warning was to embark on other tirade regarding the "f....... Spanish f...... police. They can f....... do what they f....... want, I'm not f....... bothered" and other statements to this effect. Also included in this section of invective were more comments such as "I need a f...... p..." and "Why can't I go for a f...... p...?".

If needed for clarification purposes I am quite happy to go into more detail regarding the foul language to which we subjected throughout most of the 4+ hour flight.

I agree that around 3 1/2 hours into the flight the Captain made a general announcement regarding passenger behaviour/language etc which "would not be tolerated" but, during this announcement, passenger C had already embarked on yet another bout of loud swearing and he wouldn't have heard. His friends obviously did hear the announcement and warned passenger C of the consequences. Please refer to my language quotes from paragraph 4 for examples of passenger C's response.

In case it was not clear from my original complaint:

1. My wife gently asked passenger C to refrain from loudly ignoring the safety announcements prior to take-off.

2. After around 20-25 minutes I gently asked passenger C to moderate his language.

3. While refreshments were being served I complained to cabin member Daniel in relation to the behaviour of passenger C.

4. After being refused more alcohol during the flight passenger C embarked on another round of loud swearing.

5. In conversation with the lady unfortunately having to suffer the horrors of 4+ hours seated next to passenger C, my wife was told that she was "shaking" and feeling "very intimidated".

6. Ryanair response states that "Any customer who acts in a disruptive manner during a flight will be cautioned by the crew or Captain. If they continue to cause a disturbance the police will be alerted and will meet the flight on landing." So why was Ryanair policy conveniently ignored during this flight?

7. Thanks to the behaviour of passenger C and the subsequent lack of effective in-flight response from Ryanair staff, this was, quite simply, the most appalling flight my wife and I have ever endured in many years of international travel.

I look forward to receiving a substantive response to the points made above - otherwise I will have to conclude, with considerable justification, that Ryanair simply does not care about the comfort, safety and well-being of the vast majority of its passengers, at the expense of drunken few - or alternatively, was the behaviour we witnessed common-place and to be expediently ignored??


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