Dear Mr O’Leary, I recently booked a hire car via your Ryanair website, after booking – Michael OLeary email address

Denis sent a message to Michael O’Leary – CEO, Ryanair – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr O'Leary,
I recently booked a hire car via your Ryanair website, after booking my flights to Castellon. I am not too sure if you are aware of the 'scam' going on with your (Ryanair's) preferred car hire supplier, Goldcar, but this is my experience. When I picked up my rental vehicle, which I had booked via Ryanair, I had already paid £72 for the weeks hire which included insurance.
I was advised that I needed to deposit 84 Euros for the tankful of petrol for a Vauxhall Corsa!
I was also asked if I had insurance. I told the chap that the car came with insurance, but he said it did not cover
me fully. I could either pay an additional 67 Euros for the week or leave 1500 Euros deposit against my credit card.
Needless to say I opted for the 67 Euros. The fuel situation was that the tank was full when I took the car and I had to take
it back full, which I did, and then my 84 Euros deposit would be refunded.
When I dropped the car back, there was nobody at Goldcar to accept the vehicle, just a notice saying to drop the keys
through the letter box.
After checking my credit card details at the bank a week later, I have only been credited with 61.18 Euros for fuel at an
exchange rate of 1.29 to £. When the 84 Euros deposit was taken, they exchanged it at 1.21 to £. So not only have they
NOT refunded me in full, they have given me a very much lower exchange rate than that used just a week earlier. I had thought that they were going to hold the deposit, not cash it in and repay it at a different rate later.
If I were a CEO of a reputable company such as yours, I would not want to be associated with such 'rogues'! It will end up reflecting badly with many of your Ryanair clients, which I am sure is something that is undesirable to both you and your company.
Thank you for your time.

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