Dear Mr O’Leary, I’d like to submit my proposal for a FREE cooperation in – Michael OLeary

Luigi Infante sent a message to Michael OLeary that said:

Dear Mr O' Leary,
I'd like to submit my proposal for a FREE cooperation in count of Ryanair.
I'm a lawyer in Rome, I've been practising for more than 10 years and it's my greatest wish to be working on behalf of this Company in legal or other area you'd find more appropriate and suited to your needs.
I've always used Your Company for my frequent travels all around Europe since it started operating in Italy (indeed it's the lonely low fare airline I've used until now).
I know everything about Your Company's history; I really appreciate the kind of policy pursued by it and the way it's used to acting in the reference market!
Since I was a student, Ryanair has given me the way to know the most interesting european cities spending a very low cost.
Your Company succeeded in making a right what was considered a privilege and, for this reason, admiration and gratitude I feel for it (and its Team) is really strong!
So, I kindly invite you to tell me the way to contact the person in charge to send my c.v., including additional information on my experience and skills.
Anyway, thanks for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about this exciting opportunity and, if possible, to arrange an interview.

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