Dear Mr O’Leary. My party of 6 recently travelled to Faro from Stansted and back – Michael OLeary email address

John sent a message to Michael O’Leary – CEO, Ryanair – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr O'Leary.

My party of 6 recently travelled to Faro from Stansted and back and I have a few words to say!

Firstly, the booking and check-in procedure was first class. I entered the details as required and printed the boarding tickets with no issues.

Consequently, wandering through the airport ahead of some of the queues was a breeze!

Your email notifying me it was wise to check-in at Faro online for the return journey, saving £45 per head was a surprise, but a pleasant one, and using your effective iPhone App, very very easy to undertake and made our return journey far more pleasant.

Both flights departed and arrived well within time, your staff were a great bunch especially on the return trip and in view of your excellence, I would have no hesitation in giving the entire experience 100%.

I'm not going to stop here, as I'm a bit of a review freak, but I just wanted to let you know personally (in the unlikely event this email actually gets past your email staff!!) that my whole group wanted to thank you and your team for such a great service, excellent value for money, and decent IT systems.

So, Thanks guys, everything was impeccable!

Kind regards, John, Claire, Andy, Pali, Deborah and Darren.

Have a great day X

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