Dear Mr O\'LearyOver a month ago I applied for a refund on a flight to – Michael OLeary email address

Alex Cummins sent a message to Michael OLeary CEO, Ryanair Email Address that said:

Dear Mr OLeary

Over a month ago I applied for a refund on a flight to Berlin that was cancelled by Ryanair and have just got an email informing me that I will be receiving a £44.89 refund, which is far less than the cost of the flight. I payed for the flight using a voucher which was given to me for another cancellation back in October and I feel that I should be entitled to either another voucher for the same cost or a full refund on the flight plus the costs occurred from the day I wasted travelling up to London Stansted.
Also, when I first applied for the refund, I was told that I would receive a reply within 7 days. After those 7 days I didnt get a reply so spoke to one of your customer service agents on a web chat and they told me that by EU law the reply should actually come in 28 days. I finally have a reply after 39 days and it is rather pathetic only to offer me £46.89. Please give me a reason for this poor customer service and try and rectify the obvious mistakes made?

Yours Sincerely,

P.S If you need my reference number, it is KV26VD

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