Dear Mr O\'Leary We write to you direct as we are still waiting to hear from – Michael OLeary email address

Philip Kemp sent a message to Michael OLeary - CEO, Ryanair - Email Address that said:

Dear Mr OLeary

We write to you direct as we are still waiting to hear from your customer services department. We were one of the first passengers to have a flight cancelled by Ryanair. We were due to travel Manchester to Alicante 16/09/2017 and had our flight cancelled on the evening if the 14/9/2017. We were issued a voucher, however due to work commitments we no longer have any holidays left to take between 1/10/2017 and 31/3/2018.

Since being sent the voucher we have now had another flight cancelled with ryanair
We have a holiday booked 26/10/2017 flying out FR4332 Manchester to Tenerife
Booking reference R2B2PE and have had the return flight cancelled 4/11/17.

We are frequent flyers with ryanair but our patience is being well and truly tested now. We have been issued with another set of vouchers but will not be able to use them due to work constraints from now till March 2018.

We were looking to book Manchester to Crete 30/6/18 for two weeks and were looking at FR2821 going out and FR2822 coming back 14/07/2018.

Due to all the heartache we have been put through in the last two weeks we want to ask Yourself and Ryanair if you can look into using these vouchers against these flights.

We look forward to hearing from you soon as we are ready to book our Crete flights.

We realise these dates are not in your options but in regards to best customer practice/service we hope you can accommodate our wishes.


Philip and Jackie Kemp

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