Dear Mr O\'Leary, your flights from Manchester to Nuremberg (and back) have been an important – Michael OLeary email address

Wibke Hott sent a message to Michael OLeary - CEO, Ryanair - Email Address that said:

Dear Mr OLeary,

your flights from Manchester to Nuremberg (and back) have been an important lifeline in relocating my family to Germany.

I grew up in Nuremberg and we are moving to a little town next to Nuremberg, Fürth. Over the past 7 or so months we have flown forth and back to Nuremberg for job interviews, house hunting and visiting family. We wouldnt have been able to do this without this amazing affordable connection.

As it happens, all is not well at Nuremberg Airport. With AirBerlin seemingly in considerable difficulties there might be room available at Nuremberg Airport soon for a new airline taking on AirBerlins routes and additional connections and I was wondering if that wouldnt be a brilliant opportunity for Ryan Air to take on!!

You have been outspoken against the madness that is Brexit, for the sake of your business I imagine you are planning alternative options and I wonder if this could be one.

My motifs are not innocent or altruistic, I would love for there to be a continued cheap and affordable connection from my nearest airport to the North-west of England where family and friends live so they can come visit us and we can come visit them!!

Thank you for your time!
Much love,

Wibke Hott-Cavanagh

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