Dear Mr Orsquo;Leary I regret to inform you that I was very disappointed with your – Michael OLeary email address

Lucy Imrie sent a message to Michael OLeary - CEO, Ryanair - Email Address that said:

Dear Mr OLeary

I regret to inform you that I was very disappointed with your customer service upon recent travels with your airline.
Firstly I was not allowed to board my flight from London Stansted to Fes, Morocco due to queue complications and no final call being made. I know this is not in your policy that a final call needs to be made, however I was greatly displeased with this misfortune. I was outside the departure gate more than the suggested half an hour before departure yet because of the queing system at Stansted I did not notice the queue go down. There was no last call made yet I overheard several other Ryanair flight final calls being made while I awaited my flight to be announced. I was aware of the delays and after queuing longer than expected I approached the gentleman at the boarding gate at 19:05 and was told boarding for my flight closed 5 minutes pervious. My flight FR2772 on Sunday 5th March, was due to depart at 18:55 but didnt depart for a further 50 minutes at 19:45. He told me that someone was sent up the queue to check for any remaining passengers but I saw no one do this while I was queuing. I spoke to a further 2 unhelpful staff within the airport and was told all I could do was collect my luggage. I was not the only person in this position, at least seven other people had also missed this flight due to the same complications.This required our luggage to be found on the plane and removed which surely would have taken longer than a simple final call and allowing the remaining passengers to board the plane. The flight was already delayed so I can only imagine youd wish to conduct this in the quickest manner possible. We could see our plane was still outside the boarding gate with doors open and stairs still attached and the extra hand luggage was still at the boarding gate waiting to be put in the hold. All bookings were separate and each with luggage checked-in to the hold.
Secondly, I received further unacceptable service from one of your staff members on my return flight from Morocco, FR2773 on Sunday 2nd April. I was waiting in the departure lounge at Fes airport when I was approached by a gentleman who I believe works for your airline. He told me I would have to check in my hand luggage into the hold as there was no room on the plane. I refused to do so as the plane had not began boarding yet so I did not understand how there was no room on the aircraft. My hand luggage was also small enough that it would easily fit under my seat. As I queued I was again asked by the same gentleman if I could check-in my hand luggage to the hold while he had asked no one else to do so. He then approached me in the queue for a third time asking to check my boarding pass and wanting me to put my hand luggage in the hold after I had already declined this twice! There were other passengers around me which had much larger hand luggage but he was not asking these passengers to put theirs in the hold. Once boarded the plane I noticed a Facebook friend request as I went to turn my phone onto flight mode. It was from this same gentleman. His name on Facebook is MouHi Us. This whole boarding experience made me feel very uncomfortable furthered by the friend request. Arriving home I found that this same man had also sent my 15 year old sister a friend request on Facebook. I find this behaviour highly unacceptable for a member of airline staff and could be classed as harassment.
I have never had issues travelling with your airline before these two incidents. However, I will now be strongly reconsidering before flying with you again due to the customer service I received and will be making sure other people are aware of my experiences.
Booking number - QZJKSX

Kind regards,

Lucy Imrie

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