Dear Mr. Paliwal.I sent them an email with the following content: Dear Sirs.I – Dinesh Paliwal email address

Fabio sent a message to Dinesh Paliwal Chairman, President, and CEO, Harman – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Paliwal.
I sent them an email with the following content:

Dear Sirs.

I am very disappointed with the attitude of Harman of Brazil in relation to a problem I had with equipment. With ONLY 30 uses about one of my subwoofers had a defect, which was probably making, and burned everywhere amplification. An assistance authorized in my city, budgeted repair at approximately US $ 500.00, and the NEW equipment costs around US $ 1,000.00 I asked me subsidize a part of the concert because it is a manufacturing defect, but refused to cooperate. I am a small consumer, but with a huge range of my posts on social networks, but would not want to launch a campaign against the company, before exhausting all my arguments to get some help ...... I proposed to pay for labor and Harman would go with the pieces but was simply ignored in my request. I pray to the good sense of you, to intervene with the Brazilian branch of its brand. I await contact.

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