Dear Mr. PantI am writing to you in order to not only let you know – Muktesh Pant email address

Rod Zimmerman sent a message to Muktesh Pant- the CEO of KFC (Kentucky fried chicken)-email address that said:

Dear Mr. Pant
I am writing to you in order to not only let you know how I was treated as a customer and the lack of follow up from your district Mgr, but you assistance with making this right for the customer.
I have had a case file open (case#9Y6BF) since 11/27/17. High level the issue was I ordered $30 worth of grilled chicken for a party and received fried chicken. I immediately called and spoke to a person named Enrigue who said he was the Spvr. He apologized and told me to hold onto my receipt and the next time I came in they would give me the same order for free. I noted his name on my receipt and did just that. However when I arrived at the store the Manager of duty said she didnt know anything about this and said they dont have someone with that name. I told her that is the name they gave me and even showed her my receipt where I had written it down with the time and date in which we spoke. She then called me dishonest and a liar. I was shocked as I have never been called that by anyone, let alone a restaurant I was a patronage of. I filed a complaint with your guest services on 11/27/17 in which the owner of the franchise nor your district manager has called me. I just called Guest relations again as this is now my third request to be contacted. They told me it was out of their hands and that the process had to be followed. I asked what good is your process if the district mgr and owner are not following it. In the end this is not right nor should I have ever been treated this way as a customer. I get that people will make mistakes but it is how you resolve them in the end which matters to the customer. KFC has done nothing to make this right and I felt you being the CEO should be aware of this. The location ID# L081008 and is located at 344 W. Army Trail Rd in Bloomindale, IL.

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