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Dear Mr. Parker, I am a USAA Member since 1983 and have a very serious concern. I am a DAV USAF Officer who went into the USAF as an enlisted Radar Air Traffic Controller. My disability is directly correlated to the Flight Surgon not medicating me for hypertension due to being on flying status. I had my first heart attack while stationed in Athens Greece at age 35. I just died for 15 minutes with no heart beat and three electric shocks and God I was revived. I am telling you some of this to let you know I have served my country honorably and been with USAA 33 Years. I received a letter canceling my home insurance due to excessive claims. I wanted to discuss this but I am having extreme difficulties contacting underwriting to discuss this matter. I have until January 16, 2018 to resolve this matter. The issue is, I was unemployed for 8 years while my disability claims could be handled, over 7 years. I qualified for a King County Housing Authority Program to get my water heater fixed and a new roof. The problem came because the contractors did faulty work which required me to fight to get them to correct their installation. The water heater was put in wrong, two different metals, Copper and iron (i think) and this created a cascading effect of failures due to electrolysis that was created by putting the two wrong metals together. End results I have had several leaks, small at first and I fixed several without claiming it. We had two major leaks (blow out of pipes) under the house and then we found out the cause only after several leaks over time until the whole plumbing line went down. I paid out of my pocket over $20,000.00 dollars to mediate my losses. We USAA and I went after Rescue Rooter who did the plumbing and everyone concluded it was their fault except for Rescue Rotters investigator who said, No, they are not responsible. USAA did not fight this and closed the case and then I received a cancelation notice after 33 years and some $100,000.00 dollars, I have paid over the years. I am not at fault here and I am in the process of obtaining an attorney for I am going to sue them for my losses and will let you know the results so you can get reimbursed for the funds paid out to Rescue Rotter. I am asking for a delay of the termination so I can have a hearing or something after 33 years. I did not receive a call about this, nothing but a sterile letter. I have made numerous attempts to contact Ms. Courtney Johnson, I called 01-03-018,01-08-2018, 01-09-2018 x2, 01-10-2018, 01-11-2018 X2, sent an email and went online and wrote a note for assistance and now I am writing You? Can you stop the order until we have a chance to discuss this. The letter stated the cancelation was due to excessive claims when in fact it was all due to one claim and the adjuster made it multiple claims to better track. This was 1 claim and USAA decided for their clarity they wanted it under different claims which is the cause for the cancelation of my policy? I am being adversely impacted for a USAA internal decision on tracking the claim, I paid to repipe the entire home, and much more. I have completely remolded my home, new bathrooms, new roof, siding, new painting outside and now working the inside. New fixtures, build an Arts and Crafts Studio, 3,000 sq. feet Turkish stone patio put in, above ground garden, contemplation area, flag pool coming with water features, landscaping redone, new decorative fencing and gate system, new HAV, New insulation, finishing the garage, already textured and painted. There is very little left except for the kitchen, which I am working on. I have been saving and paying cash for each project and I am still awaiting another funding source to bare fruit. Sir, I implore You to review this matter. I have two enlistments and three Honorable Discharges from the USAF, Vietnam Era through Desert Storm, either active, in USAFROTC, or National Guard. I serve honorably, been faithful to USAA for 33 years and deserves more then a cold kiss and stele letter discharging me? I would hope, this is an error of one person not looking at the totality of the claim and made her decision. I ask that you speak with USAA Investigator Ms. Laurie Stockman, she will be able to confirm everything I am telling you. I do not deserve to be treated like this after so many years being faithful to USAA and not taking my business elsewhere, I kept it in the military family? I wish to thank you for any and all assistance given to this matter.

Respectfully Submitted,

Charles Stockton DAV
(253) 205-9881

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