Dear Mr. Pessina, I’m at that stage of life where you take a lot of – Stefano Pessina email address

Charles sent a message to Stefano Pessina – Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Walgreens Boots Alliance email address that said:

Dear Mr. Pessina:

I’m at that stage of life where you take a lot of prescriptions. Eight, in my case. I chose Walgreens as my pharmacy partner thinking that a firm with your breadth and expertise would be dependable.

That’s not the case. My physician called in a Rx for Dutasterid 0.5 mg capsules on Monday, May 9. When it had not arrived by today, I used the chat feature to check on the status. It was an exercise in futility. I had to contact your company by phone.

There I learned that it would not be shipped until I authorized it. Supposedly, an email at my Walgreen’s “my account” requested this. I have not seen such an email. Another email promising delivery was in it, but nothing requesting authorization. There also was not an email to my gmail server that notified me to look in my Walgreen’s email lbox (which seems an unnecessary step).

The phone attendant offered to ship it overnight ($44) at my expense.

Meanwhile, I’m losing vast quantities of blood with each urination, which perhaps explains the exasperation you may detect in the tone of this email.

I wanted to stay with Walgreen’s forever. However, if you can’t supply my medicine, you can understand why I am looking at other options.

Sincerely, Charles

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