Dear Mr Peter Agnesfjal, I hope you will take time to visit your Singapore branch – Peter Agne email address

Elias sent a message to Peter Agne President and CEO, IKEA – email address that said:

Dear Mr Peter Agnesfjall:
I hope you will take time to visit your Singapore branch at Tampines . The service there really sucks.
I bought a arm chair from that branch in January 2016, and with in 3 month, the base part of the seat gave way, the stapled base came off and the sponge was expose outside.
Upon contacting the customer service in Tampines , the store manager Ms Theresa , initially agree to refund me in cash for this defective product.
But today , they call me up and say the defect is due to wear and tear. Mr Agnefjall , are you telling me that your product color will fade and come apart after 3 month??
The next reason they gave was even more absurb, they told my husband its due to weight. The arm chair cannot withstand our weight. My husband weighs less than 90kg, and me less than 55kg. Are your product so filmsy that they cannot withstand the average asians weight? So why dont you put up a sign in your arm chair department and state that all those that weigh over 80kg please dont buy the arm chair!

I sincerely hope you can come and address this matter. Your singapore branch office ,c ustomer service and store manager are alll not up to standard and ikano will definitely go down hill with their kind of management,
Last but not least, if you would contact me, I can send you pictures of the arm chair. You be the judge and tell me if its due to wear and tear!

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