Dear Mr. Powell, I am from Springfield, Illinois where one of the first Pillsbury Plants – Kendall J Powell email address

Brenda sent a message to Kendall J. Powell – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of General Mills – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Powell, I am from Springfield, Illinois where one of the first Pillsbury Plants still stand. Her massive presence has been a part of our history since the late 1800s. The current owners bought her for the salvage and in turn brought shame to this beauty by improper asbestos removal all because of their greed. Their actions have threatened the Community and its safety health wise. My intent is to purchase this 18 acre property and breathe new life into her, although she is not currently for sale, it does not detour me from my goal. I call her "Salvaged Beauty"! We are very much into sustainability, recycling repurposing. I would love to show you my Proposal/Plans for the sight, I think you would love how we intend to showcase her once again. I am in a battle to obtain the property, while the current owners are being threatened with hefty fines and jail time for their actions. You may reach meor email me. I am an Interior Decorator/Construction Project Manager. The current owners paid -0- dollars for the property. I have decided to offer $11.00. The reason behind the $11.00 is I seen this fabulous quote that said "Jesus beat the devil with two sticks" meaning the cross. For me that is what the $11.00 represents. Flipping the two 1s to make a cross. God Supersized my Dreams by leading me to Pillsbury through a series of events. I believe HE will breathe new life into this Fabulous Property once again so that our town can once again bring history back to life through this magnificent complex. I would love for your Company to be a part of that. Sincerely, Brenda

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