Dear Mr. President of Samsung Company! As a first, let me introduce myself. I am – Lee KunHee email address

Mrs. Klaric from Croatia sent a message to Lee Kun-Hee Chairman, Samsung – email address that said:

Dear Mr. President of Samsung Company!
As a first, let me introduce myself. I am Mrs. Klaric from Croatia, living in a little town named Zapresic, close to capital Zagreb.
The reason that I write personally to you is:
It’s about 3rd week that I wrote a mail and have phone conversation with Samsung’s agent in your Call Center in Zagreb, Croatia and still there is no any kind of answer from responsible people in it to find a solution to solve my problem with Samsung LED TV. I’m sure that’s not the way you prove to do the job.
The problem with TV:
Going to my retirement, from my colleagues I received, as a gift, a Samsung LED TV. Great, thanks them. But, in this 2,5 years of my retirement I have a big problem with this my precious gift. This days, for the 4th time is out of use, problem with screen...
The first problem was after only 6 months that I have it. There is a voice, but no picture. It’s the same problem every time.
It must be some kind of defect in the production.
I contacted Samsung Call Center here in Zagreb, told them about my problem with TV, almost from the beginning i have it, and it seems like thanks to their good will, last time, after the warranty period, the screen was replaced (for the 3rd time). It was 3 months ago, in June 2016. In our communication, I mentioned them to give me a new TV, because of obvious production error, but their answer was a new screen replacement. OK, done!
And now, in September, after only 3 months, the same problem, for the 4th time, as I wrote above, black screen.... no picture. I'm sure, Mr. President, your opinion is the same as my, its too much! Something has to be done as a final solution!
Everything leads to production defect or mistake, error, what ever... and it would be fair, after all this, to get from Samsung Company a new TV. It's hard for us to watch TV with fear - waiting on the next screen faille, going through the same procedure again and again.
So, in short:
In 2.5 years that I have Samsung LED TV, 4 times black screen on it, 3 times screen was replaced and the first failure was already after 6 months. Now, it doesn't work for the 4th time.
Fact is: TV was bought with mistake, error in production regarding its screen.
Please, as the highest authority in your Company, assign someone to contact your representative office in Zagreb, Croatia and the fairest solution would be to give me a new TV.
Sorry to disturb you, but as your people in Zagreb, Croatia don’t correctly do their yob, I have to ask you personally for help.
Awaiting to positive decision regarding my problem with Samsung LED TV,
with respect and kind regards,

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