Dear Mr. Raines, I am contacting you in regards to a situation I encountered at – J Paul Raines email address

Michael  sent a message to J. Paul Raines  Chief Executive Officer of GameStop Corporation Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Raines, I am contacting you in regards to a situation I encountered at my local Gamestop (Morganville store in NJ). On this occasion, I tried to sell back some games on the last day of your promotion for 1.5 times the value of games sold back. Your computer system went down in NJ as I am informed. No transactions of this typed could be completed. I inquired as to what the contingency plan was for this situation and the associate had no responce. After giving him direction to call his store manager, I was informed that there wasn't a contingency plan in place for this occurance. I found this hard to believe. I was directed to goto the Marlboro store# 2492. Upon arrival at this store, I was greeted with the same situation. The store manager had no resolution to this situation. The associate that was helping me took the initiative to take my information and call me the next day to turn in my sons games for the aformentioned promotion. It is not everyday a young associate thinks outside the box and retains a customer. I was impressed with his concern and personal service. This young man turned a bad situation into a pleasant one. Yes I was inconvienenced, but his attentiveness helped alleviate any discomfort I felt. He is an asset to your organization and should be commended for his actions. His name is Daniel Massaro from store 2492. I must also comment about your staff in the morganville store. It must obviously be training issues. How can a large corporation like Gamestop not have some sort of backup plan for different situations. I don't blame the staff, I blame the manager. This manager was contacted for direction in my presence and had nothing to offer. In this day and age of many choices, the loss of one customer many times can impact a businesses bottom line. This young man was hesitant about giving me his last name. I explained I was going to email the CEO about his actions. So I hope this email doesn't fall upon deaf ears. If you wish to contact me concerning this situation . Thank you, Michael

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