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Dear Mr. Renwick, I am a progressive member who has had their car totaled by – Glenn M Renwick email address

Gregory sent a message to Glenn M. Renwick – Chief Executive Officer and President of Progressive Corporation – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Renwick,

I am a progressive member who has had their car totaled by another progressive member. The vehicle was purchased in February of 2016 for $6,039. When the vehicle was totaled, I was provided a report by JD. Powers that suggests the vehicle is worth $4,200. I provided a 14 page analysis of the current state of the used car market in my vehicle category 2003 Honda Pilot SUV, along with additional comparable vehicles that JD Powers chose not to use that were of additional value to the five as well as in the range of the five. I then provided them analysis that removed the highest and lowest vehicles showing them that, at a minimum, their valuation was off by at least $800. I did this by applying the exact methodology that was used by the JD Powers report (I reverse engineered it). When presented back to the agent, Robert, I got a reply that they had looked it over and felt their value was still correct. They could not explain why this was the case other than because they had a JD Power report. I have talked to two people in the chain who are simply standing behind a computer generated report as their defense.

Mr. Renwick, I'm a new progressive member. I went to progressive from USAA because I needed to insure my son-in-law's vehicle. In calling my own insurance company, I'm getting nothing but a run-around. I am disgusted by this treatment and the lack of advocacy from my own insurance company to help engage and get to a fair valuation.

If nothing changes, I will be leaving progressive for another company and taking my approximately $7,129.00 premium cost to someone else ($5,700 for auto and $1,381 for homeowners).

The way I'm being treated is wrong, the fact that my own insurance company won't get engaged as an advocate for me is wrong and the fact that I have to do additional work when I already provided a view of valuation that goes well beyond the progressive report is disgusting.

I would like to hear back from someone about this please.



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