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Dear Mr Riney, I have been a customer of Scottrade in Moosic PA..37H… for more – Rodger O Riney email address

MICHAEL sent a message to Rodger O. Riney Founder and CEO, Scottrade that said:

Dear Mr Riney
I have been a customer of Scottrade in Moosic PA..37H... for more than 10 years.
I have 2 IRAs, 2 FLPs and one Joint account...
I have been totally satisfied and recommended your firm to dozens of friends and family...
With that as background, I was surprised on Monday morning to find that one of my FLP accounts was changed to update refresh information on a 15-minute delay while the other FLP was functioning as it had for a decade...
I called my contact who said that it was a result of an audit by the "exchange"... They had no choice but to comply with the rule...
Why one FLP and not the other?
I said I wanted to speak to someone higher in the company and was contacted by Brian McAfee in St Louis..
He confirmed the audit info... noted that the only problem was the 15-minute delay on update, but informed me that some clients prefer a 15-minute delay.. (I would like to know who??)

He explained that this change will affect all FLP accounts... REALLY? Based on my accounts it is only affecting 50%... Further, I called my fathers broker at Schwab and he wasn't aware of anything... I had my friend call his broker at IB... They never heard of any such rule...

I am very disturbed by Scottrade's action and reaction to this change... and unwillingness to treat both accounts as they have been for 10 plus years..
If it were not for Shane Hart's excellent service, I'd just leave.

I thank you for your consideration..

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