Dear Mr. Rogers,I live where the hurricanes came thru in Florida in the Tampa – William H Rogers Jr email address

TONY AND KATHY FAULKNER sent a message to William H. Rogers, Jr. Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of SunTrust Banks Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Rogers,
I live where the hurricanes came thru in Florida in the Tampa bay area and my house is a mobile home and I am having an issue getting my insurance check cashed due to it be a mobile home or Mod-lure Home. The check is under $15,000 dollars and we have to get all this documentation and send the check to Suntrust Mortgage and they will send the funds as needed, but if I had a brick home or a wooden frame home this would not be the case. I would like to see this process change, just because one can not afford a brick home and has to take what is within there budget should not get penalized. Now I have to get all this documentation up before I can get my roof fixed and siding and some sheet rock fixed in my home. If i had a brick home and did not fix it, it would be the same with a mobile home as well.

I have not missed one payment since Ive had my mortgage with Suntrust and yet I get penalized for having a mobile home and not a brick home, something just does not seem right. If this how you handle things then you should have people lined up to send contract to do the work under the insurance budget, so you would know for sure this was taken care of and the loan is still in good standing between the leader and owner. Maybe you can re-vape this issue for someone else that will not have this issue. But as for me and my husband we will have to do this long process to get our home fixed. I hope you look into this for the future hurricanes we will be having. If you can help me in any way that would be great as well for most contracts want half down after signing a contract and we just dont have it.

My Account number is 0042559682 if you would like to see that we have not missed a payment and we are in good standing with your company.


Kathy Faulkner

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