Dear Mr. Rusckowski,I am writing to bring to your personal attention, the deplorable service – Stephen H Rusckowski email address

Enis sent a message to Stephen H. Rusckowski – President and Chief Executive Officer of Quest Diagnostics – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Rusckowski,

I am writing to bring to your personal attention, the deplorable service rendered to me by your facility.

I live and work in Washington, DC but over Memorial Day weekend will be flying down to Ft. Lauderdale where I have a doctor's appointment at 1 pm on Tuesday May 31, 2016.

In preparation, on 05/12/16 I made an online appointment at your aforementioned facility to have blood samples taken on 05/19/16  obtained the FAX number for the facility and called my doctor's office in FLL to let them know so they could FAX the necessary paperwork to the Quest facility noted above.

On or about 05/13/16 I called the telephone number listed on your website for the Washington, DC Quest facility  and got a recording. I left a message for someone to call me back on my cell phone to confirm they had received my doctor's authorization. Nobody called me back. On or about 05/16/16 I called a second time. Again nobody answered even though it was during working hours, so I left a second message for someone to call me back. Again no one ever returned my message.

When I went to the facility for my appointment at 8:15 am on 05/19/16; I was met by a surly black guy in a blue lab coat at the reception desk who told me that they had not received any doctor's orders for me. Subsequent contact with my doctor's office disclosed that instead of FAX'ing the paperwork, they had entered it into the local Quest system down in Florida. Apparently, Quest's Florida and DC online systems are not connected (!) so the DC facility could not locate it.

After waiting an hour and a half, the mistake was corrected and my blood was finally drawn. When I asked the technician who drew the blood and who also identified herself as the office manager, Ms. Sherrita (?) how long it would take for the results to come back, she said within a few days they would be mailed to me here in Washington as well as FAXed to my doctor's office in Florida.

Today (Friday 05/27/16) it has now been eight (8) days and I have not received the results in the mail. This morning when I checked Quest's online network and put in my password it also said the results were not found, and upon calling my doctor's office in Florida they confirmed that they had not received the results either. I then called the aforementioned Quest Washington, DC office number at 8:30 am, nobody answered so I once again had to leave a message. It is now 2:35 pm Friday afternoon and once again nobody has had the courtesy to call me back.

I have never encountered such a poorly run operation where nobody ever answers the phone or returns patients telephone messages; and, where test results are in a state of limbo for over a week. For this, your company will undoubtedly be charging me hundreds of dollars which I will have to pay out of pocket since I have not met this year’s deductible on my health insurance. But I tell you what, if the test results are not at Preste Medical Group in Ft. Lauderdale when I show up for my scheduled appointment at 1 pm on 05/31/16, I will be retaining a lawyer to assert my legal rights in this matter.

Very sincerely,


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