Dear Mr. Sorenson, I am sorry to bother you, with all that is going – Arne M Sorenson email address sent a message to Arne M. Sorenson - President and Chief Executive Officer of Marriott International, Inc. - Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Sorenson,
I am sorry to bother you, with all that is going on is our country now, with such a trivial issue. However, to me this is a very real problem and I have not been able to get anyone to address it.
I have been the one and only person arranging my classes 50th High School reunion. I have put in hours and hours of work, planning a reunion for a class that had no funds set aside to make any initial reservations or deposits. I still accomplished my mission, getting the school and the county to donate the facilities where we will meet. I also got a local restaurant to allow all those from our class attending to have dinner at their establishment without a reservation or deposit and allowing people to each pay for their own meals. People were requesting suggestions of hotels. I noticed the convenience of the Marriott Courtyard Silver Spring North/White Oak to our High School (Springbrook High School) and suggested that location. I had been so busy with all the plans and emails I was sending I had almost forgotten to book my room. The day I did, I also notified everyone else not to forget to book their flights, rental cars and rooms. I went on-line trying to find the best rate for my room. I found the room available on Orbitz for $115.00 a night.I called the hotel directly to make sure they could not give me a better rate. Their rate was higher but the agent agreed to match the rate of $115.00 a night if I pre-payed for the non-refundable rate. I did. I emailed one of my close classmates to point out the rate I got. He replied to me that he had gotten $106.00 directly from Marriott with his rewards card. I too, had used my rewards card. I called Marriott back in an effort to get the difference refunded. (it was only $18.00) Thankfully, I had this occur or I would have faced a bad situation on arrival at the hotel. The agent that took my credit card information and booked my room for $115.00 a night gave me a booking number and said he would email a receipt. No receipt came but I figured it was okay since I had my confirmation number. When talking to the representative in an attempt to get the $18.00 refund I discovered that the booking number showed I was paying $166.00 a night. I was flabbergasted. I told her that was not true. The agent I had just booked my room with, told me he matched the price and booked my room for $115.00 a night. She then went on to tell me that I would have to apply to receive the lower price. I was never informed of this. In further probing I found that the booking agent had altered my email address. That is why I never received an email from him. At that point the mere $18.00 paled to the fraud that had just been perpetrated on me. I tried to get someone to address this issue. No one would do a thing. I ended up having to pay $124.00 for one night and $106.00 for the second. I did it because I wanted to stay in the hotel I had referred all my classmate to. I told the agent I wanted to voice a complaint and would like to speak to a supervisor. I was shuffled along from one person to another. Disconnected and hung up on several times. Eventually, (over 2 hours later) one agent listened to me and said she would fill out a complaint and that someone would get back to me. That was two weeks ago. I have heard from no one. Ive sent multiple emails, each responding that someone would get back to me. In 2 weeks no one has gotten back to me. I am astonished that this is the response I am receiving from Marriott. I had always thought Marriott was a name that could be trusted. That is why I recommended this hotel to all my classmate.
I am extremely disappointed in Marriott. I have been completely ignored.
Im absolutely astonished. I could go on and on but I have already spent hours getting nowhere. This was my last resort. Ive said enough. Either someone will listen to me or not. One way or the other, this is not what I would have ever expected of Marriott.
Judy Neustadt

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