Dear Mr Stack, I have been a long time Dick\'s customer. I was very disappointed – Edward W Stack email address

Steven Laudadio sent a message to Edward W. Stack Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dicks Sporting Goods Email Address that said:

Dear Mr Stack, I have been a long time Dicks customer. I was very disappointed when trying to return a purchase with a receipt at one of your stores. Sent the following two emails to customer service with no response. I am very disappointed in your organization.
Dear Dicks, writing this short email to express my disappointment with my most recent experience. Over the weekend I was cleaning out my garage and came across an un opened box from Dicks. Upon opening the box there was a brand new Nike Golf Driver in the box with the shipping receipt. I had purchased it last year with about 4 other golf clubs. I went to the new Dicks store in Medford, MA to see about returning it for a store credit. The customer service/ cashiers were very nice,but could not assist and needed to call a manager. The manager came over looked at the club to verify that it was brand new. I provided him the receipt and was told it had expired because it was over a year old. All he could offer me was the lowest ticketed price which was less than half of what I paid for the club. As a long time Dicks customer I was very disappointed. I do understand that the fault is with me for not realizing it was sitting in my garage, however I did have the receipt and it was brand new. Thanks for listening.


Never got the courtesy of a response. That says a lot!!

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