Dear Mr. Stack, On November 21. 2016 I purchased 2 custom lacrosse helmets to give – Edward W Stack email address

Colleen sent a message to Edward W. Stack – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dick’s Sporting Goods – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Stack,
On November 21. 2016 I purchased 2 custom lacrosse helmets to give my sons as Christmas gifts. At least - I thought I did.  At the time, I was told both were available and would be shipped immediately. The following week - only one helmet was delivered. To make a VERY long story short, I have called customer service five times regarding the second helmet. Every time, after an hour on the phone, I was always given the same answer, it will be shipped in two days. I finally went in to the Lombard store and spoke directly to David, the manager on duty. This was more hours of my time. David was as helpful as he could be. He also called customer service - and received the same treatment I did, after on the phone for an hour, with me standing next to him in the crowded store. We were told the helmet would be shipped. It was suppose to arrive yesterday. The helmet did not come. David called to follow up and make sure I received the helmet. I told him I had not. He called customer service again. He was told that Dick's is no longer able to fulfill the order. The factory has to many orders. Apparently Dick's is now refunding my money. None of this helps me. I proactively ordered the helmet in November to avoid this problem. The helmets were available at the time of purchase. I have begged, pleaded, wasted literally hours of my time trying to hunt this item down. I want to convey to you how terribly and upset I am over this.
I am a mother of four very active kids, involved in a variety of sports. Dick's has been our go to store for a very long time. The treatment I have received is 100% unacceptable. If it were my company - I would want to know about this situation. I would be embarrassed to have my name associated with the treatment I have received. Sadly, it is the one thing I wanted to surprise my two boys with for Christmas. Now, thanks to your store, that is not possible.

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