Dear Mr. Stack,As a mother and grandmother (of a total of 9 sports and – Edward W Stack email address

Vicki Gardner sent a message to Edward W. Stack Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dicks Sporting Goods Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Stack,
As a mother and grandmother (of a total of 9 sports and outdoor lovers), I want to thank you for your courage in refusing to sell any more assault weapons in your store. I hope more of your competitors follow your lead and do this, as it seems the public is not going to get help from Congress. One of my daughters friends was shot in the head while dancing and singing at the Las Vegas massacre. No one in my family supports the use or need for assault rifles other than for the military or law enforcement. We have jointly made a pledge that all future sports or outdoor related purchases will be made at Dicks to honor your commitment to help make our nation safer. Thank you.
Vicki Gardner, Canyon Country, CA.

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