Dear Mr. Stack, It is with sadness that I send this email. On August 1 – Edward W Stack email address

Christiine H. Giel sent a message to Edward W. Stack - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dicks Sporting Goods - Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Stack,

It is with sadness that I send this email. On August 1, 2015 I bought a set of Lady Callaway golf clubs at Dicks in Greensburg, PA. The Pro who fitted me for my clubs was very knowledgeable and the service in your store was top notch. I have also shopped in the Morgantown, WV and Uniontown, PA Dicks stores to purchase a golf bag, golf shoes, a practice net, gloves, balls, and ladies golf attire. Since my original purchase, I have been receiving Dicks Golf advertisements in the mail.

Here is where my sadness begins and maybe where you can help. The recent Golf- A- Thon flyer for March 26-April 15 layout has the first 23 pages targeted to Men (whom I love by the way), then only 3 pages targeted to women (who tend to make most of the purchasing decisions), and finally 1 page targeting youth golfers.

Even though I am happy with Dicks products and services in the store, these seasonal advertisements that I receive in the mail are somewhat insulting to females with purchasing power.

You have a great smile and you seem like a nice person, (I can see it in your eyes). Wont you please have your marketing team work on this? It may even lead to increased sales in your womens division. I am available for discussion and to offer ideas to help.

Best regards,
Christine H. Giel
(304) 933-4435

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