Dear Mr. Stack,I read the article on MSN where you are taking a stand – Edward W Stack email address

Kelly Macdonald sent a message to Edward W. Stack Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dicks Sporting Goods Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Stack,

I read the article on MSN where you are taking a stand on assault weapons. Good for you! I have been raised around guns but never owned one until last September when our neighborhood had a drive by shooting. My husband was a Veteran and passed away last June so after the drive by shooting I made the decision to protect my family and property which I am grateful I have that right. I belong to a shooting range and took the class for safe weapons and concealed weapon permit. Of course I bought a revolver. At the shooting range I dont understand why some people want to shoot machine guns etc, I have always felt the assault weapons belong in the hands of law enforcement and the military. I think the shooting ranges should also take a stance too when it comes to renting assault weapons. Thank you for trying to make a difference and protect the future generation.

Kelly and Family

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